Recruiting Objectives and Selection Criteria

Recruiting is the process of identifying potential employees and encouraging them to apply to job openings. The goal is to attract a pool of qualified candidates, some of whom may later be given job offers.

Attracting the appropriate quantity of applicants is necessary but not sufficient. The quality of applicants is the critical factor in meeting recruitment goals.

The starting place for determining who is qualified should be a completed job analysis and written job description with specifications. The job analysis process is particularly important, as it provides the basis for validating the methods used in making employment decisions. Ultimately, the job analysis, description, and specifications can make it easier to establish selection criteria, evaluate applicants, and screen out those who obviously lack the minimum knowledge - skill - ability (KSA) needed for the job.

Recruitment Method and Sources

Once an organization understands whom they are trying to recruit, the next step is to select appropriate sources to identify prospective candidates. The organization can choose to look internally within the organization