The development of ships and the shipment of goods by water has gone hand in hand with the development of mankind. Ships and the goods they bring us have become integral parts of people's daily life, and also the ability of a country to wage war and the maritime industry is one of the key drivers for exploration and scientific and technological development. The usage of ships and the maritime industry has enabled world trade and continues to shape the world's economy.

The maritime industry’s diverse workforce includes seafaring as well as shore-based professionals hailing from around the world. From ship brokers to ship builders, from fleet managers to marine risk managers, from naval architects to shipping analysts, from chief engineers to chief accountants…the choices are as wide and varied as the seven seas.

MSI understands the marine and maritime world. From aquaculture projects worldwide to maritime engineering and ship construction technologies to maritime security - the MSI Maritime Group is the choice to develop, find funding for, and to manage the process to achieve success.

The MSI Maritime Group understands maritime technology for asset tracking and maritime operations. The MSI Maritime Group understands technologies used for accident investigations; technologies for port, land side operations; and the intricacies of Admiralty Law. The MSI Maritime Group  is dedicated to serving companies that lead and excel in this industry.

Whether the need is venture capital for a new entity or restructuring and corporate turnarounds, or consulting to enter into new markets, or help in developing maritime applications of new or existing technologies; including technologies used for deep water oil and gas exploration; security on the high seas or in port; the MSI's Maritime Group can help. Our experienced professionals know the maritime world. We are Licensed Merchant Mariners, Maritime Attorneys, and Investment Bankers. We have served or currently serve on both merchant and passenger vessels; we understand the technical needs of a vital and ever changing industry that requires additional modernization and automation to remain competitive; we understand the technical and marketplace challenges encountered when managing the newer and larger vessels required for today’s global market economy. 

We live in a challenging and confused world filled with threats and opportunities. The MSI Maritime Group understands Maritime Security and we understand how to develop and nurture companies that manage Maritime Security threats in an unstable world.

The MSI Maritime Group understands that Maritime Security is a big deal and our client companies are developing technologies and practices that help with the prevention and management of intentional damage through sabotage, subversion, or terrorism.

The MSI Maritime Group understands Maritime Security and we can help your organization develop solutions and an entity that will be able to provide solutions that manage new security threats in an unstable world.