Investment Banking


MSI  offers investment banking consulting and advisory services to clients who require funding to start, expand, or alter their operations.

With an international network of angel investors, institutional investors, venture capital firms, and a variety of other investors, MSI successfully matches clients with interested parties. MSI serves as the "gateway" to a wide network of national and international investment and funding entities.


MSI provides investment banking consulting and advisory services to clients who require funding to start, expand, or alter their operations. MSI prepares our clients and their materials (business plans, marketing plans, presentations etc.) for presentation to funding sources.

MSI specializes in:

  • Start-up angel/venture capital funding
  • Second-round/advanced venture capital funding
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Equipment financing and real estate investments
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Corporate Finance and Business Advisory
  • Equity and Debt Capital
  • Investor Relations/Public Relations Advisory
  • Public Markets

A.   Merger & Acquisition

A significant number of our clients desire to grow through strategic merger and acquisition activity. In fact, the very nature of their growth orientation often demands it. We have the capability to manage the general merger and acquisition activity of client companies. This advisory service includes:

  • Assistance with the identification of acquisition or merger targets
  • Coordination and performance of due diligence
  • Preparation of valuations
  • Coordination of documentation
  • Negotiation of the acquisitions

Our Team can provide buy-side or sell-side representation. In addition to this assistance, We have strategic legal partners, which will provide the necessary legal expertise to move the transactions to a successful close.

B.   Corporate Finance and Business Advisory

In keeping with the philosophy of partnership, We provide a comprehensive capital markets strategy that establishes a road map for the next two years for the client. The goal of creating the comprehensive strategy is to optimize the capital structure of the client company by performing a detailed review of the respective client's capital structure and making recommendations with the view to minimize dilution and increase the valuation.

In addition, MSI provides assistance with evaluating business strategies, providing recommendations, and assisting clients with the preparation and updating of business plans. When desired by the client, MSI provides comprehensive valuations of client companies, as well as merger or acquisition targets that comply with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

C.   Equity and Debt Capital

Most of our clients have an essential need for additional capital in order to meet various corporate objectives, including working capital and acquisitions. MSI has a network of investors ranging from high net worth individuals to institutional funds that can make investments in client companies. The form of the capital varies from client to client and may be in the form of term loans, notes, convertible debentures, preferred stock or common stock. MSI acts as an agent for clients and provides assistance in arranging the capital to ensure the right combination for the client. This assistance includes coordinating the structure of the investment, assisting with negotiations, as preparing the documentation of the capital infusions.

D.   Investor Relations/Public Relations Advisory

Understanding the milestones you can accomplish as a company is an important element in the development of a comprehensive plan that will provide the proper exposure of the company to the public. MSI, with the cooperation of the client, develops a comprehensive investor relations/public relations strategy for the company. This strategy is generally outlined in a 24-month comprehensive plan based on anticipated milestones to be completed by the company.

MSI may also introduce clients to investor relations/public relations firms that have been qualified by MSI. When deemed applicable, the partner companies will be introduced to additional market makers and a road show will be arranged.

E.   Public  Markets

Understanding the best way to increase the valuation of your company and minimize dilution to existing shareholders is a complex proposition. Many private companies desire entry to the public capital markets for a variety of reasons, including increasing their valuation, access to less dilutive capital, currency for acquisitions, shareholder diversification, and investor liquidity. MSI assists clients with accessing the public capital markets. MSI works with its clients to ensure that they are qualified and have the required elements to exist as a public company. Our Team assists our clients in pursuing the best approach that will provide optimal results for the company.

MSI understands that there are multiple ways for private companies to become publicly traded beyond the traditional Initial Public Offering. The options that exist for private companies to access the public markets include:

  • Initial Public Offering
  • Direct public registration
  • A combination of a public offering with a direct registration
  • A reverse merger with a public "shell" company
  • Merger or acquisition by a publicly traded company