International Consulting


We live in an interconnected and global world and businesses must adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of this modern world or be left behind. MSI understands that in order for our clients to succeed in todays global marketplace they must adapt and forge partnerships.

MSI advises and consults with corporations - business entities, international agencies, non-profits, and government agencies on specific projects and long term business strategies.

MSI focuses on developing and implementing effective business and financial strategies for our client companies.  MSI provides clients with the tools, expertise, and financial resources to achieve a success and prosperity in today’s dynamic and turbulent international marketplace. 

Experience allows MSI to quickly analyze a client’s position and potential from an investor, industry, company, and customer perspective. We re-examine the assumptions our clients have developed and lived with, and then develop effective new customized solutions and business strategies to meet current and future challenges.

MSI understands that the key to success is a partnership with our clients. Together, as a team, we set goals and employ these customized solutions and business strategies. 

The primary purpose of a consulting firm is to provide organizations access to specialists and subject matter experts. International consulting is most often used when a company needs an outside, expert opinion regarding an international business decision. For example, when a company is seeking to sell its products abroad and needs a consultant familiar with the business practices of the target country and its rules, regulations, and customs.

MSI understands the international marketplace and has years of experience in international marketing strategy. We provide our clients with the proper answers to their questions and concerns about international business. MSI will help you determine what best practices should be followed, what to expect from customers, and how to deal with foreign regulations.

Distribution is a key component of any international marketing strategy. To successfully deliver products and services to customers spread across different geographies, clients must develop an international marketing strategy with a special emphasis on supply chain.

Distribution is critical to your overseas operations because it has a direct effect on sales. If you don’t have a good distribution network, your products may stack up in a warehouse and will never reach your target customers.

Distribution affects your profits as well because distribution costs can make up to 50 percent of the final selling price of some products. The long-term success of your overseas operations depends on satisfying your customers and MSI will help you choose the proper international distribution channel for your goods and services.