Homeland Security


The Department of Homeland Security is the latest agency formed in Washington. It is a massive new federal department, consisting of previously disparate federal agencies with a very large mandate to coordinate the nation’s protection. The resulting organization and related bureaucracy can be confusing and overwhelming to some, perhaps even most. In cooperation with a number of highly experienced and renowned partner companies, MSI assists clients in dealing with the numerous aspects of the Homeland Security arena, including working their way through the new agency and affiliates, building relationships with key decision-makers, looking for Homeland Security-related solutions, finding strategic or investment partners, and pursuing policy objectives or business opportunities. 

Our Team's strategically oriented Homeland Security consulting services are geared towards providing our client base with clear, executable, and result oriented solutions designed to enhance decision making and to assist in capitalizing on existing and emerging opportunities in the Homeland Security industry. Some of our specific deliverables can be described as follows: 

Detailed road maps with executable strategies


Potential revenue streams and profitability analysis

Detailed channel and market penetration strategies

Vertical and horizontal growth paths

• Emerging services and technologies that will create various opportunities in the Homeland Security sector

Homeland Security market analysis

Future market prediction, forecasts, and planning

Key market driver and inhibitor factors

Lead products comparison analysis

Profile and comparative benchmarking of and against key industry participants

Client related Federal, State, and Local Government Funding, Lobbying, Procurement, and Decision Making.


Agencies and institutions to be targeted by client including profile, budgets, drivers, and inhibitors

Present and future service/product pipeline legislation

Procurement criteria and current/future purchasing trends

Contact roster by agency and function, both Federal and State