MSI approaches assignments from an owner’s/shareholder’s perspective. First, we analyze and develop a precise understanding of our client’s needs and objectives. Next, we conduct a fundamental assessment of the company - entity to identify the current situation and dynamics. Then we research and evaluate the company- entity and the industry they are operating in and prepare a market assessment and determine the critical success factors which will guide the allocation of resources; both human and financial.

Once all the relevant success factors, risk, and market influences are identified, MSI proceeds to develop objectives, strategies, and recommendations. Our analysis is presented in a clear, simple, and logical fashion to our clients, stakeholders, and constituents. Then we are ready to aid in implementing and executing the action plan to ensure our clients’ success.

MSI assists organizations with business development, investment banking services, project due diligence, management consulting, crisis management, and corporate representation. Our clients range from start-up companies to mature organizations. Our mission is to find the right solution at the right time every time.

MSI offers Investment banking services to clients who require funding to start, expand, or alter their business operations. MSI assists in contacting and negotiating with investment banks, merchant banks, venture firms, pension funds, and other financial entities, with which we have relationships. For additional information, please check our Investment Banking section under services.


MSI provides our clients with cogent business/marketing/advertising solutions and access to the proper sales/distribution channels for their products and services. MSI understands traditional retail, wholesale, institutional, and e-commerce sales channel product placement for maximum efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

MSI conducts extensive due diligence activities on behalf of our clients. This may include the status of the entire project, financial statements, and the company officers. All due diligence investigations are kept discreet and confidential.

MSI assists in mediations/negotiations issues between client and non-client companies as well as government agencies. We conduct all mediation/negotiation activities with fairness, due diligence, discretion, strict privacy and confidentiality.  MSI achieves positive results in the most difficult of situations for our clients.

Additional services include franchise development/ marketing for companies in a variety of industries, Workforce Strategy and Talent development and management.