About US

MSI Limited is an innovative client advisory organization specialized in investment banking services, financial consulting, business development, and the creation of marketing and sales strategies for client companies in various industries. Our leadership team has a proven track record developing and nurturing entrepreneurial clients with our extensive expertise in technology, manufacturing, international business development, and Venture Capital.

Our Team understands that the key to success is partnership. Together with our clients and other enterprise stakeholders, we set goals and create a customized strategy that adjusts to current and future market conditions.

Our Team has the ability to analyze a client’s position and potential, from an investor, industry, company, and customer perspective. Our experience helps us to re-examine the assumptions our clients have developed and lived with and employ alternative solutions for success.

We focus on developing and implementing effective management and business development solutions for our clients and providing the tools, expertise, and financial resources to achieve a higher level of success and prosperity. With an international network of angel investors, institutional investors, and venture capital firms; we successfully match our clients with the best investment solution.

Experience - With over 100 years of combined international experience in consulting, MSI is an attractive partner for a wide variety of client companies in various fields. Our experience allows us to analyze almost any business in any industry and differentiate between alternative paths to profitability and help you choose and focus on the right path for your organization.

Performance - MSI performs due diligence and develops funding strategies that facilitate successful investment. The results are successful exit strategies, satisfying both the investors and entrepreneurs.

  • MSI creates successful business/marketing strategies that allow you to reach your milestones, achieve your goals, and execute your business plan.     
  • MSI negotiates solid and beneficial agreements with existing or new investors - creditors - vendors - processors - customers - partners – employees; implementing these solutions in a timely and effective fashion.
  • MSI raises awareness for products and services through the creation of cogent and precise marketing strategies and the effective use of advertising, marketing, and sales. The results are the generation of revenues and the achievement of better market share for our clients.

Philosophy - We are committed to helping our clients achieve peak performance and success. We deliver measurable results by:

  • Creating innovative and effective solutions
  • Providing the proper expertise and implementation skills
  • Securing needed financial resources
  • Delivering superior service to our clients